EamLab Studio 300


Eamlab studio 300
EamLab Amplifiers enjoy universal recognition from both music lovers and industry professionals. As a consequence of a relentless passion for superb performance and unparalleled quality of construction, Eamlab is constantly evolving in the research and innovation of its products.
Studio300 is the evolution of a project born to drastically change the rules of sound reproduction in the professional field for recording and mastering and at the same time being the ideal «motor» even in the domestic environment for high definition systems.
The innovative circuits and the evolution of the components continue our tradition also on Studio 300 and we highlight in this amplifier as a very low distortion, a reduced background noise and a greater bandwidth presenting to the listeners a clear and crystalline window for their favorite recordings.
The HDCA patent and a careful circuit design move the listener so close to the music with such visceral realism where the experience is comparable to the best live performances.

What defines «high performance»?

Reproduce exactly what is captured during registration without coloring and without adding distortions. Each Eamlab amplifier is designed without compromise to achieve these high goals

What’s new ?

Eamlab engineering over the years has used the greatest resources to design and innovate the circuits by finding new methods to reduce noise and distortion to detect the smallest nuances of ever
The Eamlab and studio300 amplifiers use significant improvements including:
* Drastic improvement of CMRR (common mode noise rejection)
* Better improvement in EMI / RFI waste
* Reduced consumption in music media thanks to an active polarization
* Aesthetics with clean lines and «solid» finish

To find a new ways to eliminate distortion our circuits are designed with a new overview. Studio300 amplifiers are equipped with a patented input circuit optimized on linearity.
One of the arrays of discrete transistors smd is the first stage of the amplifier and provides the first gain of 6 db. The input stage is so transparent and its measurable distortion is less than 0.0001%.
This stage is armored and resined in a soft iron container and makes the amplifier practically immune to RFI noise and other environmental induced noise
The balanced quad-compliant output mimics the characteristics of a class A design with dramatically lower distortion than conventional class AB on all frequencies.
Each amplifier channel is completely independent and is powered separately. in Eamlab we strive for precision and transparency because this is what sounds best. 
When reproducing the system is faithful to the recording, the listener can enjoy the finer details, capturing the depth and soul of the performance as the artist intended it.

Unquestionable quality

Studio Amplifiers use innovative designs to achieve superior performance that remains constant over time.
Each amplifier is produced at the state of the art in our Milan office using many components of local origin. The members of our staff take with pride the whole realization of their highly specialized craftsmanship.
All Eamlab products are tested on the test bench for 50 hours before shipping. The amplifiers switch between maximum and minimum power with cycles of 15 minutes to discover any anomalies that could be introduced by thermal stress. Our reputation for reliability is unprecedented.
Not only are our amplifiers subjected to stringent testing, but everyone must achieve excellence in performanceTo demonstrate our commitment and the excellence of our products, every Eamlab product is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a complete cycle of 20 years.

Power 20 to 20 Khz
* 8 ohm 200 Wrms
* 4 ohm 360 Wrms
* 2 ohm 500 Wrms

Thd +N
* < 0.002% full power 8 ohm
* < 0.003% full power 4 ohm

Frequency Resp. 10hz to 80 Khz +/- 0.8 db
Damping factor : 300 refer 8 ohm @ 50 hz
Input CMRR : > 85 db
Noise ratio > 114 db
Input sens. XLR / RCA 1 Vrms
Input impedance : 47 Kohm XLR / 22 Kohm RCA
Dimension : 350 x 220 x 420 mm
Weight : 28 Kg