ELAC feirer 90-års jubileum ved å hilse de første tiårene av selskapets historie da platespillerne til ELAC var enerådende. Minnene om denne tiden lever, ikke bare hos ELAC, men forhandlere og kunder etterspør stadig en ny ELAC platespiller.
Den solide MDF-sokkelen med høyglans svart finish gir Miracord 70 et sterkt fundament. En belte-drevet sub-plate, drevet av en ekstremt jevn synkronmotor støttet av en 2,6 kg tallerken laget av glass.
Kombinert med et punktmonteringssystem som bruker en keramisk ball som et sentralt element, tilsvarende high-end modellen Miracord 90, sikrer den overordnede strukturen usedvanlig jevn gange og enestående immunitet til ytre påvirkninger.

Omtaler av ELAC Miracord 70

“Put succinctly; you can buy this turntable in haste and enjoy it at your leisure.
– Stereonet Australia

Within its price point, it faces off against Rega’s RP6 and Project’s 2-Xperience models. Both of these turntables are no sonic slouches and offer plenty of performance for $2000. The Miracord 70 edges ahead of this pair. It’s not as enthusiastic sounding as the RP6, but it has a more extended and even frequency response. And compared to the Project 2-Xpression, the Miracord 70 has less tonal warmth, but more refined sound quality…
– Stereonet Australia

Essentially neutral throughout its reasonably wide frequency response and with an admirable level of pitch and timing, the Miracord 70 is going to be near impossible to pass over by anyone trawling through the hotly contested $1499 to $2500 turntable sector of the audio marketplace. That’s high praise, indeed.”
– Stereonet Australia

This is a well-engineered and beautifully made turntable that offers a fine performance. The inclusion of a good-quality cartridge is a big plus and yet the Miracord 70 is more than capable of revealing the benefits of transducer upgrades, if desired. As plug-and-play combinations go, this is one of the best I’ve encountered-

We settle Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ The Boatman’s Call on the spindle and find immediate satisfaction with the Elac’s delivery of Into My Arms-wistful piano and Cave’s equally brooding vocal are well defined on the open, spacious soundstage
– HiFiNews

Height x Width x Depth : 140 x 465 x 365 mm
Weight : 11 Kg
Cartridge : AT95E by audio-technica®
Frequancy range : 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Tracking force : 2,0 ± 0,5 g, 20 ± 5 mN
DC resistance : 400 Ω ± 20 %
Coil impendance : 1 kΩ ± 20 % at 1 kHz
Recommended Load : 47 kΩ
Output voltage : 3,5 mV
Channel separation : > 20 dB
Selectable speeds : 33 – 45 U/min
Outputs : 2 goldplated RCA connectors, goldplated ground connector
Power supply : 24 V AC, 6 VA
Finishes : Black High Gloss Decor

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