Innpakket i Giya serien sitt særegne utseende ligger et eksepsjonelt nivå av ingeniørkunst og et akustisk design av meget høy klasse. Hver minste enhet i designet har blitt videreutviklet og forfinet i flaggskipet Vivid Audio Giya G1.
Giya G1 er et mylder av tekniske detaljer for å oppnå et tonalt naturlig og åpent lydbilde.
Basskammeret er buet for å hindre stående bølger, og for å spare plass. Den dråpeformede front baffelen reduserer kabinettets refleksjoner.
Product of the year – 2012
- Stereophile

“Is Vivid Audio’s GIYA G1 the best loudspeaker I’ve heard? YES.
- Stereophile

It’s very expensive to be sure, but few speakers at any price are its equal.
- HiFi+

Omtaler av Vivid Audio Giya G1

Is Vivid Audio’s G1Giya the best loudspeaker I’ve ever heard? Yes. And it will be my yardstick from now on. Whether or not you can afford a pair, you should listen to them so that you know exactly what is possible in a high-end loudspeaker.
– Stereophile

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began this review by talking about the highly original way the Vivid G1 Giya looks and segued into a discussion of the speaker’s profuse technology. But it is the Giya’s sound that steals the show, conveying music with obvious neutrality, an unadorned midrange, quick transients, and deep, powerful low frequencies. Yet, while it’s easy to hear all of these things, the Giya didn’t reduce the music to them. It brought its considerable strengths together into a sonic portrayal that never descended into the clinical parsing of the music. Even with a very worthy competitor in my house at the same time, I spent a number of memorable weeks with the Giya, listening to music both new and old, often hearing it in new and more distinct ways.
– The Audio Beat

In my room, though, the Giya G2s fit perfectly and the pair’s bass performance riveted me, so that’s what I’d choose. Whichever one you end up with, though, I’m confident of this: you’ll have some of the best speakers you can buy, regardless of price. .
– Soundstage! HiFi

Configuration: 4-way 5-driver system
Cabinet: Glass reinforced balsa cored sandwich composite
HF: D26 26mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading, catenary dome profile,
radially polarized super flux magnet structure & isolating compliant mount.
MID: D50 50mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading, catenary dome profile,
radially polarized magnet structure & isolating compliant mount.
MID-BASS: C125S with Tapered Tube loading, short-coil long-gap motor design,
50mm copper ribbon coil on highly vented former, highly aligned chassis,
radial magnet structure & isolating compliant mount.
LF: C225 2 x 225mm metal coned units with short-coil long-gap motor design,
75mm copper ribbon coils on highly vented formers, highly aligned chassis,
radial magnet structures & reaction cancelling compliant mount
Bass loading: Exponentially tapered tube enhanced bass reflex
Sensitivity: 91dB @ 2.83Vrms and 1.0 meter on axis
Impedance (Ohm): 6 nominal, 4 minimum, low reactance
Frequency range – 6 dB points: 25 – 36,000 Hz
First D26 Break Up mode: 44,000 Hz
Frequency response (Hz): 29 – 33,000 +/- 2 dB on reference
Harmonic distortion: (2nd and 3rd) < 0.5% over frequency range
Crossover frequencies (Hz): 220, 880, 3500
Power handling (music program) watts rms: 800
Dimensions (H, W, D) mm: 1700, 440, 800
Net weight (kg): 80
Shipping dimensions (H, W, D) mm: (kg): 1807, 895, 600
Shipping mass (kg): 105