Volumet på Vivid Audio Giya G3 er på drøyt en fjerdedel av Giya G1, og gjør dette til en høyttaler for de som søker lydkvaliteten til Giya serien pakket inn slik at alle hjemmets designere blir fornøyde.
Vivid Audio mener at det er egenskapene i de lave frekvensene som er premissleverandør til resten av systemet, det er dette nivået resten av systemet må bli justert i forhold til.
The G3 performs a sonic disappearing act like no other speaker I’ve heard.
- SoundStage Ultra

Technically advanced, sonically superior, and visually unique
- Soundstage HiFi

Visually, there’s nothing quite like a Giya speaker from Vivid Audio.
- UltraAudio

Omtaler av Vivid Audio Giya G3

Following on the heels of the $48,500/pair Wilson Alexia, which I highly recommended in my December 2013 review, Vivid’s Giya G3 was going to have to be something special to earn my respect. It did more than that. I immensely enjoyed the time I spent with this idiosyncratically styled loudspeaker. Yes, at $39,990/pair, it is expensive, but for that money you get a combination of transparency and, rich low bass aside, almost full-range neutrality, coupled with superbly precise imaging and an easy-on-the-ear yet revealing balance that proved addictive.

I ended my review of the Wilson by declaring that if I were to retire tomorrow, the Alexia would be the speaker I would buy to provide the musical accompaniment to that retirement. Now I would have to choose between it and Vivid Audio’s Giya G3!
– Stereophile

The Vivid Giya G3 is not inexpensive, but few alternatives come close to this degree of perfectly timed transparency.
– HiFi+

Technically advanced, sonically superior, and visually unique — Vivid’s Giya models are unlike any other loudspeakers on the market today, and the smallest of the line, the G3, is designed to provide performance similar to its larger, more expensive siblings, but with reduced bass reach and output capability. According to Pete Roth, they’ve succeeded, resulting in the Giya G3 being the second Vivid Audio speaker to be included in our list of Recommended Reference Components.
– Soundstage! HiFi

Specifications Vivid Audio GIYA G3 Series 2
Configuration 4-way 5 driver system
Cabinet material Glass reinforced balsa cored sandwich composite, carbon fibre base
Cabinet colour Piano Black, Pearl White, Oyster Matte
Bespoke colour Available on request
Drive units HF: D26 – 26 mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading
Mid: D50 – 50 mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading
Lower-mid: C125s, 125 mm alloy cone unit with Tapered Tube loading
Bass: C135 – 2 x 135 mm alloy cone unit with short-coil long-gap motor design
Bass loading Exponentially Tapered Tube enhanced bass reflex
Sensitivity 87 dB @ 2.83 VRMS at 1 m on axis
Nominal impedacnce (Ω) 6 nominal, 4 minimum, low reactance
Frequency range (Hz) -6dB points: 33 – 36.000 Hz
First D26 Break Up mode: 44000 Hz
Frequency response 36 – 33.000 Hz +/- 2 dB on reference
Harmonic distortion
(2nd and 3rd harmonics)
< 0,5% over frequency range
Cross over frequencies (Hz) 220 – 880 – 3.500
Power handling (music programm) watts rms 800
Loudspeaker dimensions 1.161mm (H) x 341mm (W) x 578mm (D)
Net weight 42kg