Introducing perhaps world’s finest Direct Heated Triode Phono Stage, the Allnic H-8000 DHT. Built to complement our  L-8000 DHT line stage and A-10000 DHT amplifiers, this magnificent 2 piece ultra-high performance multi-input phono stage is sure to “Change the Game”

  • Dual MC step-up transformers
  • LCR multi-curve equalization
  • All transformer coupled, no coupling capcitors
  • Zero negative feedback design
  • Equipped with the pure vacuum tubes
  • High speed, automatic voltage regulation

In 2018 Allnic upgraded the flagship H5000 DHT to the new H8000. This unit sports a host of improved internals over the older model.

‘Introducing perhaps world’s finest Direct Heated Triode Phono Stage, the ‘impossible to build’ ALLNIC H8000. Built to complement our DHT line stages and A10000 DHT amplifiers.’

The H8000 DHT is Kang Su’s reference phono stage and possibly the finest phono preamp the world has ever seen. This new two chassis preamp represents the very frontiers of Kang Su’s prodigious abilities. I personally have never heard coherency or a sense of aliveness from vinyl like this under any circumstance. The Direct Heated Triode sound has a unique way with space and sound pressursation that is difficult to even put into words. If you are serious about Vinyl then I can only implore you to hear this magnificant piece for yourself. The H8000 does some truly remarkable things.

Available in silver or black. 2 year warranty on all Allnic Audio Products , 1 year on factory supplied tubes. Part exchange welcome, just get in touch for in-store and home demo.


Key Features

  • The H-8000 DHT Phono-stage is transformer coupled, with the exception of the first gain stage, the HL2K tube.
  • No negative feedback design with three gain stages
  • A power supply unit separate from the pure DHT phono-stage itself
  • High quality MC Step-up Transformers with Permalloy cores are used for the H-8000 DHT’s dual MC inputs.
  • New vacuum tube damping technology – Allnic Audio’s patented “Absorb GEL tube damper” technology prevents harmful vibrations from reaching the signal / gain tubes and, therefore, prevents micro-phonic noise propagation in the tubes. The Allnic Audio Absorb Gel damper technology effectively solves a problem that plagues most tube amplification systems. Provided other tube components do not introduce micro-phonic noise into your system, with the Absorb Gel damping system, you will enjoy a degree of transparent sound that will surprise and please you.
  • Pure Class A operation
  • Pure balanced operation


.. there isn’t anything I’ve encountered that’s quite like this line stage


Technical Specification
Inputs Moving Coil (MC) x two (2) pairs unbalanced (RCA)
Moving Magnet (MM) x two (2) pairs unbalanced (RCA)
Ground: two (2) x screw type terminal
Outputs One (1) pair x unbalanced (RCA)
One (1) pair x balanced (XLR)
Frequency Response 30Hz ~ 20kHz (±0.5db)
Voltage Gains MM +44dB (1kHz)
MC +74dB (1kHz)
Input Impedance MC up to 200 Ω, MM 47 kΩ or upon request, up to 85 kΩ
Maximum Input Voltage (MM, non-clipping): 30Hz / 10mV, 100Hz / 45mV, 1kHz / 200mV, 10kHz / 600mV
Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 0.3% (1kHz, Output 1V)
Output Impedance 300 Ohm (Constant)
S/N Ratio -80dB (CCIR, 1kHz)
Tubes HL-2 x 2 (first gain stages)
KR242 x 4 (second & third gain stages)
5654 x 2 (voltage error detectors)
300B x 2 (voltage regulators)
5Y3 x 2 (rectifier)
Fuse AC 2A, 250V
Dimensions Phono Stage : 430mm (16.9 inches) x 360mm (14.3 inches) x 250mm (10 inches) (W x D x H)
Power Supply : 170mm (6.7 inches) x 360mm (14.3 inches) x 250mm (10 inches) (W x D x H)

Phono stage : 15 kg (33 lbs)
Power supply : 15 kg (33 lbs). Both units in original packing: 17.2 kg (38 lbs)