Allnic Audio is glad to introduce a new thrilling MC cartridge, Rose, overwhelmingly surpassing the Puritas . Rose is guaranteed  not to displease any LP lovers.

  • Cutter head type MC cartridge
  • A new rubber damper developed by Allnic Audio
  • New CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium) dual coils
  • Fritz Gyger 2 Stylus
  • Aluminium cantilever


First, every LP record master is engraved using an LP cutting lathe’s cutter head. The Rose moving coil (MC) cartridges are designed to reproduce music via a mechanism that emulates the LP cutting lathe’s cutter head (below picture), of course, however, with a diamond stylus that tracks the record grooves’ faces, rather than with a diamond chisel for cutting the grooves into the vinyl.

Second, the Rose has two separate hollow polycarbonate bobbins, as opposed to one bobbin designed as an iron square or cross-block.

Third, iron is about nine times heavier than polycarbonate, so a conventional iron bobbin reacts with far less agility to the musical grooves of a vinyl record than one made of hollow polycarbonate.

Fourth, as a cantilever moves along the vinyl’s grooves, it needs a pivot. Conventional MC cartridges’ coils are located near the pivot because of their heavy moving mass. Because of its lighter moving mass, relative to conventional MC cartridges, the Allnic Rose’s coils are nearer to the diamond stylus. The result for the Rose is increased coil vibration capability and, therefore, more detailed audio reproduction.


Technical Specification  
Output Voltage 0.4mV
Impedance 9 ohms
Compliance 10 x 10-6 dyn/cm (100Hz)
Tracking Force 2.0g
Channel Separation above 30dB
Channel Balance within 0.1dB
Frequency Response 20Hz to 30kHz
Body Duralumin 5052
Stylus Fritz Gyger 2
Weight 11g
Cantilever Aluminium