EamLab Element 202i

Eamlab Element 202i

Music 202i. Integrated amplifier of superlative sonic qualities conceived for a faithful and realistic musical reproduction.
The front panel is very attractive and aesthetically advanced while having a slightly retro style. The beautiful Oled display of last generation allows a high contrast and an optimal reading from any angle of view.
The current supply is very generous and made possible by an oversized power circuit and studied even in the smallest details ensuring excellent reproduction dynamics even on very low impedance loads
Great care was taken in the choice of components, all of the first order, starting from the power and signal capacitors with very low tolerances and operating temperature of 105 °, from metal film resistors to 1% tolerance until arriving at the output stages equipped with bipolar transistors among the most coveted in the audio field.

Toshiba: massive use of final output devices for a great reliability of operation and a greater guarantee of piloting at any impedance. In this configuration the amplifier can deliver 200 / 350W continuous on 8/4 ohms respectively. in this model, 230Ai, we have limited the power up to 30W in pure class A
Passive components: all Vishay metal film resistors are 1% tolerance. In two words we drastically reduced the thermal noise while keeping the dissipation high.
Passive components: power supply, bypass and signal capacitors, Nichicon, Itelcond and Icel are of the 105 ° type to guarantee perfect operation in very close tolerances even at high operating temperatures.
Trasformatori: The power transformers are wound on specific toroidal nuclei with low dispersed flow. All the windings, in pure OFC copper, are interlaced with a spe

Inputs: high quality connectors soldered directly on board. This results in an always perfect contact that in this way clears the possible triggering of interference due to the passage of shielded cables from a board connector. this is also a very important detail to obtain superlative sonic qualities.

Power : 2×160 / 2 x280 Wrms 8/4 ohm
• Thd : 0.03% full power 4 ohm
• S/N ratio : > 100db

• Freq. Resp : 5hz to 100Khz

• DF : > 80 into 8 ohm at 100Hz

• Channel sep : 70 db

• Input sensivity : XLR 1Vrms /

• Input Z : 47 K via XLR/ 22 K via

• Pre-Out section : 4V rms max

/10 ohm
• Amp-IN : 10Kohm / 1.2 Vrms

• Slew/rate : 25 V/us

• Power consumption :

• Stand-by 1W

• Idle 20 W

• 230 Vac / 115 Vac available

• 3 line input via RCA

• 1 balanced input via XLR

• 8 / 4 ohm load

• Gain bandwidth : 0 to – 90db

• Infrared remote control:

• Volume up/down

• Input select

• Mute / balance