EamLab Element 260A

Eamlab Element 202i

Power amplifier in pure class A of last generation – the input stage HDCA made with «ultra low noise» instrumentation components discrete completely for a ‘high signal to noise ratio and signal paths to maintain perfectly balanced – Sanken output devices in configuration push-pull «massive» to obtain high-current loads of up to 1 Ohm – power supply oversized and made of state of the art.

All the musical sophistication of the class A was enclosed in this amplifier designed base on cutting-edge techniques and modern design. The philosophy Eam Lab of the great current of high power amplifiers in no exceptions even in this power amplifier 60 W «only». Each component and each stage have been oversized beyond all limits to ensure and always, in every situation, absolutely outstanding performance of music at any load condition. The performance data that double to halve the impedance are the result of a constant search for the ultimate performance and a maniac attention to the realization of the power stage equipped with the best materials. The filter bank with very low ESR at 100 Hz and two 900VA toroidal transformers with high efficiency and low induction partly explain the results obtained.
Output devices elusively BJT (Bipolar junction transistors) have the advantage of being very linear and very sensitive to self-oscillations in high frequency. Besides the advantage of being able to withstand higher current delivery. For this reason, we have preferred

EAM lab Element:  Dual mono ren klasse A effektforsterker

60W 8 ohm/ 120W 4 ohm/ 240W 2 ohm/ 480W 1 ohm pr kanal

2x 800VA trafo og 45,000uf

Continuos average output power (10hz – 20.000 hz )

 Damping Factor >200
 Maximum dimension 460 x 250 x 420 mm (DxHxW)
 Weight 45 Kg