EamLab Element 260Ai

Eamlab Element 260Ai

An integrated amplifier capable of returning every single musical passage with an unmatched dynamic verve. Power and technology go hand in hand and are enclosed in a beautiful chassis with a modern but refined design.
Although weight and size are noteworthy this amplifier fits well both modern and retro style environments.
But not just design. In Eam Lab the constant search for absolute performance is also found in the integrated Element 202i / 260Ai amplifiers.
Starting from the selected components up to the remarkable power section that, linked by a valid and reliable project, make this integrated amplifier an untiring musical instrument.
And it’s just a musical instrument. From low- noise entry stages to final devices, everything is rigorously tested for music and to ensure reliable performance for years.
Attention to details:
on one board (one for each channel) we find both the leveling capacitors and the output disconnection relay. This design avoids a strong passage of power and power cables between the various stages with considerable advantage of the damping factor for total control of the speakers. The current necessary to drive the loudspeakers is always provided in the best way and without bottlenecks.


Element 260Ai, is rigorously designed in Dual Mono circuit topology. This implies a considerable design effort but that repays listening. The great separation between the channels and the focus of the sound scene are the result of this choice. Basically it’s like having two monophonic amplifiers in a single frame.
Encapsulated in an aluminum container are two imposing toroidal transformers of 600VA each. The dynamic reserve, with this oversized stage, is almost infinite.


entrusted to the most modern instrumentation devices, it is equipped with 2 PGA2310 Burr Brown digital potentiometers in balanced configuration. Buffer stages are entrusted to single operation and high slew / rate operational amplifiers, always Burr Brown.
The linearity in the frequency response and the transparency of the whole audio spectrum give reason to this choice.


a modern Oled display ensures very high contrast and optimal viewing from any angle

Continuos power 60 / 120 Wrms 8/4 ohm in pure class A
5 input 1 XLR 47Kohm / 4 RCA 22Kohm
Input sensivity 1.2 Vrms
D.F >100 to 8 ohm at 100 Hz
Signal to noise ratio >100db
Crest factor 18db
Channel separation 80db
slew/rate 20V/us
freq response 5 hz – 80Khz +/- 0.2db
consumption stand-by 1W
idle 1 20W
full power 240W (full signal music to 4 ohm load)
weigth e dimension 48*43*25 cm 42 Kg