EamLab Element 701M

Eamlab Element 202i
Monophonic amplifiers are a reference for those looking for maximum reproduction quality combined with a very extensive dynamic reserve. ELEMENT 701 can supply powers up to 1800 Wrms on 2 ohms with distortions lower than 0.03%. a reference for the category. However, these data are not the result of the case but of careful design of each stage of the amplifier, which aimed to achieve the predetermined data. The power supply stage, the beating heart of the performance, is designed with extreme attention to detail and uses 2 toroidal transformers in parallel for a total of 2Kva. The transformers are resin and encapsulated, wound on low loss ferromagnetic cores. The interlaced windings and the materials used make the vibrations typical of large transformers void, all to the advantage of sound reproduction and environmental noise. The output stage provides as many as 16 pairs (32 transistors in total) of BJT Sanken able to withstand and supply continuous currents in the order of 350 A at 25 ° c. Translated into dynamic terms, we have an almost infinite reserve in addition to an extreme reliability in practically any condition of use. The technology of 701, however, is not only performance and extreme power but also and above all musicality of the highest level, as per EamLab tradition. The advantage of the monophonic amplification is immediately perceived due to the great separation between the channels, the stratospheric dynamics, the sound detail and the wide and three-dimensional sound stage. The amplifier is also equipped with a microcontroller protection system, very reliable and precise, which manages all operations from ignition to thermal protections and overcurrent. On the back there are 4 WBT output connectors for convenient Bi-wiring and 2 pairs of XLR / RCA input connectors that can also be used for parallel. The amplifiers are also equipped with a convenient Trigger IN / OUT command for automatic switching on from the source, eg. MUSICA C101 or ELEMENT C201 preamplifier or source of another brand equipped with trigger command.

HDCA modules are placed on the rear panel directly attached to the input connectors soldered on PCBs without the use of shielded cables. A device that minimizes the signal path with consequent high levels of SN / R. The aluminum casing that encloses the powerful transformers acts as a base for the power supply filter PCB to which, without the use of wiring, the two rectifier bridges are welded. We have thus obtained a triple function. Maximize the passage of current, dissipate the heat produced by the rectifier bridges and shield the magnetic flux generated by the transformers. EamLab engineering has always allowed to build powerful and faithful products in reduced dimensions.

EAM lab Element 701 monoblokker. De første 20w i ren kl A

650W 8 ohm/ 1000 4ohm/ 1800W 2 ohm

2000VA trafo og 220,000uf pr blokk

▪ Thd 0.003% full power 8 ohm

▪ F/R 5hz to 100 Khz +/- 0.5db
▪ SN/R > 120db
▪ CMMR > 88db
▪ Z Input 22Kohm RCA / 47Kohm XLR
▪ Input sens 1.4Vrms full power 8 ohm
▪ Slew rate 35V/us
▪ Demping factor> 300
▪ Continuos voltage out 72V rms
▪ Peak voltage out 98 Vrms
▪ Current out up to 300 A.
▪ Weight 65 Kg
▪ Dimension 540*470*332mm DxBxH