EamLab Music 102i

Eamlab musik 102i

Integrated amplifier that knows how to give emotions with each power is not easy to do especially when you set itself a target price of sale budget hotel and at the same time creating a product with undisputed quality sonic, mechanical and design of the product High-end high ranking.
The integrated MUSICA 102i is all this, and perhaps even smarten up.
With an output of 180 Wrms per channel, two transformers of 250VA, Sanken output transistor, a good drive current dose and highly selected components it can be combined with any speaker system. From the stand or floor that are.
The volume is controlled by the digital potentiometer Burr-Brown PGA 2310, currently the best chips on the market for this use.
The 4-layer multilayer PCB has allowed us to separate the power supplies from the ground, both digital and analog, to create an EMI-RFI shielding for high noise rejection to the network and optimize the signal path for an high ratio channel separation.
The stylish and compact design makes this integrated amplifier an insertable product in every place and in every available space.
The beautiful OLED display also allows a clear view from any angle.

2 pairs per channel of high-quality C3264 / A1295 ensure high output current in any load condition and high reliability
The Two transformers, one for each channel, are high flux density and low induction to minimize the mechanical vibration.
2 pairs per channel of high-quality C3264 / A1295 ensure high output current in any load condition and high reliability. 4 aluminum capacitors with low ESR 10,000 hours for a total of 48,000 uF capacitance guarantee of current surges in each musical situation. The dynamic capability of this integrated is guaranteed in every situation

Rms power 8 ohm 100 + 100
Rms power 4 ohm 180 + 180
Thd full power 4 ohm < 0.03% THD+N > 108db
Freq. Resp. 10hz – 40 khz +/- 1db
DF > 200 @ 70 hz 8ohm
XLR input sensivity 47 Kohm / 2.8 Vrms
RCA input sensivity 22 kohm / 1.4 Vrms
Idle current stand-by 1W
Full power 360 W 
Dimension 420 * 380 * 100 mm Weight 18 Kg

1 XLR stereo input
4 RCA line input (CD , TUNER , MM , AUX)
PRE-OUT / AMP-IN working mode via RCA ( short rear connector )
Aluminum infrared remote control
Oled yellow display