EamLab Reference 152A

Eamlab Reference 152A

The purity of sound reproduction of class A – HDCA.2 input stages with «instrumentation» components for an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio – innovative power circuit that uses super fast diodes to guarantee transient response times never achieved before – Sanken bipolar output device for unique performance. 2,000 VA toroidal transformer to provide maximum energy at the highest absolute levels of volume and impedance.

Reference152a is equipped with a separate double secondary transformer with a total of 2000 VA and a total filtering capacity of 233,000 Uf. with this equipment it provides 150 W rms per channel on 8 ohms in pure Class A 280 to 4 and 450 on 2 between 20 Hz and 20 KHz with a distortion of less than 0.03%. But not just power.

In Reference 152A we also wanted greater speed of response to transients, a neutral sound independent of sound pressure and reliability of operation in any condition. Particular care in the power supply circuit, such as the use of ultrafast diodes for rectifying to replace the classic rectifier bridges, the low-induction transformer with a yield of 97%, the aluminum film capacitors with very tight tolerances, have made us achieve the objectives set.

All the technology of this amplifier is enclosed in a beautiful anti-vibration steel chassis and a specially designed assembly to minimize any induced interference. Components of the latest generation and undisputed quality equip this powerful amplifier.

Innovative control and protection circuits always guarantee perfect and long-lasting operation in complete safety. THL, the circuit used to monitor the operating temperature, is entrusted to the LM35 probes and managed by the CPU. much more precise and reliable than normal thermal circuit breakers.

CONTROLS AND PROTECTION The importance of better protecting electronics and connected loads is of primary importance to us at Eam Lab. For this reason we have developed effective protections that do not alter the musical signal in any way. Specifically for this model, they have also been integrated by a microprocessor which increases its effectiveness and precision of intervention.

Eam lab Reference 152A

 •Pure class A  

150Watt per channel into 8 ohm
280Watt per channel into 4 ohm stereo operation
450Watt per channel into 2 ohm (both channel driven)
700Watt in mono mode 4 Ohm
• Total harmonic distortion stereo operation (both channel
driven)- 0.07% with 2 ohm load / 0.03% with 4-8 ohm load
• 2000VA trafo.
• Frequency response at rated output 20-20Khz +0/-0.25
Db – at 1 Watt output 20-80Khz +0/-3 Db
• Damping Factor >400

550x250x600 DxHxB