EamLab Reference 902

Eamlab Element 202i

No compromises, no shortcuts, no doubt in sound reproduction – technologically advanced and built on solid technical bases around components of absolute quality level – HDCA.2 input stages with instrumentation components for an exceptional signal to noise ratio – output output Sanken bipolar for unique performance.

Reference 902 is an amplifier capable of exceptional performance, which together with the Reference line is the flaghship of EamLAb.
it is equipped with a transformer of 2800 VA and a total filtering capacity of 220.000 uF. In this training it is able to supply 400 W at 8 ohms, 800 at 4 and 1400 on 2 between 20 Hz and 20Khz with a distortion of less than 0.03%.
But not just power. In Reference 902 we also wanted greater speed of response to transients, a neutral sound independent of the load, an unprecedented dynamic.
Particular care in the power supply circuit, such as the use of ultrafast diodes for rectifying to replace the classic rectifier bridges, the low-induction transformer with a yield of 97%, the aluminum film capacitors with very tight tolerances, have made us reach the objectives prefixed.

All the technology of this amplifier is enclosed in a beautiful anti-vibration steel chassis and an assembly specifically designed to minimize any induced interference. Components of the latest generation and undisputed quality equip this powerful amplifier.
Innovative control and protection circuits always guarantee perfect and long-lasting operation in complete safety. THL, the circuit used to monitor the operating temperature, is entrusted to LM35 probes and managed by CPU. much more precise and reliable than normal thermal circuit breakers. The CPU is also entrusted with the ignition in full safety of a power bank to say the least mammoth.
We can simply say … NO COMPROMISE!

Main features

Solidity – 30/10 steel frame to minimize vibrations and resonances at high listening volumes, efficient solidity of the structure made up of hoses milled from solid.
functional insulation – transformer and network filter insulated in an aluminum container, non-magnetic, to keep separate possible sources of noise from the amplification circuits
PFC – Power Factor Correction, on the power line reduces the noise pollution from the mains harmonics and increases the use of the 95% network voltage. the voltage and current from the amplifier remain in phase with each other and eliminate the transient off-axis to the high current pulses present in amplifiers without PFC
HDCA.2 – the input stage is mounted on multilayer ceramic PCB according to MIL-Spec standards with low dielectric constant. the ceramic support guarantees a very high circuit stiffness, indispensable for obtaining an efficient treatment of the input signals free from any interference. All armored and resined.
Film resistors – all resistors are low noise and with a tolerance of 1% to minimize the thermal noise of the active circuitry.

EAM lab Reference 902:   Dual mono effektforsterker.

• 400 Watt per channel into 8 ohm
800 Watt per channel into 4 ohm stereo operation
1400 Watt per channel into 2 ohm (both channel driven)
• Total harmonic distortion stereo operation (both channel
driven)- 0.07% with 2 ohm load / 0.03% with 4-8 ohm load
• 2800VA trafo.
• Frequency response at rated output 20-20Khz +0/-0.25
Db – at 1 Watt output 20-80Khz +0/-3 Db
• 220,000uf
• Damping Factor >200

430x290x550  DxHxB