EamLab Studio 362


Eamlab studio 362

The new Studio 362 amplifier moves the sonic limit to an even higher level
The new circuit layout and the new highly selected components offer such high results that they push the “sound definition” feature even higher.
The new instrumentation components, the large power supply circuit and the high dumping factor ensure that the loudspeakers are clearly expressed to the limits of their capacities.

Characteristics of the power supply stage

the true heart of every amplifier. The extreme attention to this detail is essential for us.
Two transformers with separate windings and wound on a single core for a total power of 1,200 Va that feed the rectifier circuits mounted on a single PCB without flying wiring so as to allow a connection without contact resistances.
This design shortens the electrical path from the transformer to the final output stages by reducing overall impedance and allowing the circuit to respond faster by better controlling the speakers and more accurately.

Input signal processing

the most delicate, fundamental part to be treated with extreme care, because it is this stage that finally determines the overall performance of the appliance
this delicate task is entrusted to the HDCA modules that have reached their third version. Today even more refined, clear and transparent.
HDCA is assembled with components selected for their linearity and bandwidth characteristics. The circuit is operating in open loop and the feedback is so low that it becomes practically negligible.
The circuit is operating in pure class A and does not use decoupling capacitors through various stages of signal processing.

The pursuit of perfect amplification is a well-known theme in high-end audio. New technologies present new approaches, while looking to the past provides inspiration for the future.
It is with this spirit that we have developed the new STUDIO line, with a design recommended by the best tradition and with a specific target sound: deep and expansive stage, accurate image positioning, extended and defined bass response and total control over the speakers also at very low impedances
With these requisites well planted in our DNA, STUDIO 362 was born

Power section

revolves around a circuit design in cascode configuration. This configuration allows a wide and extended bandwidth and the driving of the power amplifiers takes place through a Darlington type configuration.
6 pairs per channel of MJL 3281 / MJL 1302 bipolar transistors ensure reliability and stability in any condition of use.
The new generation of circuits with SMD components allows shorter signal paths, greater rejection of disturbances and a significant reduction in «microphonical» due to vibrations

  • Dual mono amplifier operating in class A up to 10 Watts 
  • RMS power output, for channel 230 W @ 8 ohm , 400 W @ 4 ohm , 600 @ 2 ohm 
  • Input impedance : 47 Kohm via XLR , 47 Kohm via RCA 
  • Slew/rate 35 V/uS 
  • DF 300 su 8 ohm a 50hz 
  • Input sensivity 1.4 Vrms per piena potenza 
  • Frequence response 20hz – 28Khz +/- 0.05 db / 5hz – 100Khz +/- 3db 
  • THD vs FR 0.003% @ 1Khz 
  • Input CMRR > 80 db 
  • Signal to noise ratio >110 db 
  • Dimension 33 x 42 x 21 cm. ( P x L x H ) 
  • weight 30 kg