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The series Studio amplifier

EamLab Amplifiers enjoy universal recognition by both music lovers and professionals in the sector. As a result of an unrelenting passion for superb performance and unrivaled build quality, Eamlab is constantly evolving in the research and innovation of its products. Studio 501 is the evolution of a project created to drastically change the rules of sound reproduction in the home for high-definition systems Innovative circuitry and component evolution continue our tradition on the Studio 501 as well and are highlighted in this amplifier as very low distortion, reduced background noise and greater bandwidth, presenting listeners with a crystal clear window to their favorite recordings. HDCA patents and careful circuit design move the listener so close to the music with such visceral realism that the experience becomes comparable to the best live performances.

What defines «high performance»?

Reproduce exactly what is captured during recording without coloration and without adding distortion. Each Eamlab amplifier is uncompromisingly designed to achieve these lofty goals

What’s new ?

Over the years, Eamlab engineering has used the greatest resources to design and innovate the circuitry by finding new methods to reduce noise and distortion to detect the smallest nuances ever • Eamlab amplifiers and studio 501 use significant improvements including: • • Less distortion in the input stages • • Drastic improvement of CMRR (common mode noise rejection) • • Greater improvement in EMI / RFI rejection • • Aesthetics with clean lines and «solid» finish

Extreme quality and detail

To find new methods to eliminate distortion, our circuits are designed with a new overview. Studio300 amplifiers are equipped with a patented input circuit optimized for linearity. Dodato of an array of discrete smd transistors is the first stage of the amplifier and provides the first gain of 6 db. The input stage has a transparent response and its measurable distortion is less than 0.0001%. This stage is armored and resin coated in a soft iron container and makes the amplifier practically immune to RFI noise and other induced environmental noises The quad-complent output of the HDCA stages is directly inserted into the input differentials in a balanced configuration and the output section is polarized to provide 70 Wrms in pure class A on an 8 ohm load. Each amplifier stage is completely independent and is powered separately. at Eamlab we strive for precision and transparency because this is what we believe is the best reproduction at all levels.
When in playback the system is faithful to the recording, the listener can enjoy the finer details, capturing the depth and soul of the performance as the artist intended.

Balanced philophy

Studio 501 comes in a balanced configuration from input to output. The signal arriving from the HDCA stages is brought to the input differentials of the amplification stages which manage the phase shift of the signals in a balanced configuration.

  • Dobbel monoforsterker som fungerer i klasse A opptil 10 Watt
  • RMS-effekt per kanal 500 W @ 8 ohm, 1000 W @ 4 ohm, 1500 @ 2 ohm
  • Inngangsimpedans: 47 Kohm via XLR, 47 Kohm via RCA
  • Slew / rate 44 V / uS
  • THD 0,003% ved full effekt på 8 ohm
  • DF 350 på 8 ohm ved 50 Hz
  • Følsomhet 1.2 Vrms for full kraftFrekvens 10Hz – 28Khz +/- 0,05 db / 28khz – 100 kHz +/- 3db
  • THD vs. FR 0,003% @ 1Khz
  • CMRR-inngang> 88 db
  • Signal/støyforhold > 118 db
  • Dimensjoner 42x44x21 cm. (L x B x H)
  • Vekt 37 kg