EamLab Studio DA201

Eamlab studio DA201

The Studio DA201preamp perfectly combines high quality sound with an attractive visual appearance.
Its operation is simple and intuitive and guarantees a realistic listening experience being the ideal component for high-resolution and latest generation systems.
As a member of the Eamlab family of preamps, it benefits from the technological and engineering advances that mark, for example, the performance of the C301 reference line preamp.
These include the proven HDCA input stages, semiconductor stabilized power supplies in a Darlington configuration and DC coupled signal paths without distorting capacitors for precise bass reproduction.

HDCA. signal amplification
The heart of the DA201 preamplifier is based on the HDCA technology we have extensively developed and tested, now in its third version.
The HDCA chip usesstate-of-the-art instrumentation components which effectively process and amplify delicate audio signals, ensuring a wide and flat frequency response and with a swing voltage of 35V.
This high voltage allows you to manage dynamic peaks with a crest factorof over 26 db to the advantage of practically zero dynamic compression and a fast and precise transient response.

Highlights of power supply , heart of performance.

Studio DA201’s audio circuits draw power from an analog power supply. All power supply stages are stabilized with transistors in Darlington configuration avoiding the typical circuitry with integrated components commonly used in many preamps
The circuitry is completely discrete and offers the ability to respond quickly to immediate power demands and not be affected by all the most severe mains voltage fluctuations.
The chassis is in 2 mm steel and the PCB is developed on 4 layers with separate ground planes and a plane that acts as an EMI / RFI isolator. This is the ideal setup for isolating parasitic electrical and magnetic interference from the critical signal pathin preamp circuits.
The power supply stage is able to provide variations in current and voltage for any musical event, in any condition of use and with any level of variation of the mains voltage.

The new DA201is a state-of-the-art preamp that contains a very high quality Phono MM preamplifier and a very high resolution D / A converter.
With these features, the DA201 becomes a complete machine for the most demanding audiophile, being able to range from analogue vinyl musicto the most modern and current digital streaming formats
The integrated DAC converter with 32 Bit resolution is able to read PCM formats up to 768Khz and DSD 512. The digital section has 3 inputs (USB, COAX, OPTICAL). Your CD player through one of these connections will take on new life leaving the delicate task of D / A conversion to the DA201
The USB section for reading the latest streaming music platforms will leave you speechless when you hear what level of quality we have achieved thanks to the latestconversion technologies combined with an accurate and careful project studied from every point of view to obtain the highest quality. music reproduction of the new generation.
The sober and captivating design, the practical and large TFT display with touchscreen function, the quality of production and reproduction, the ease of use and the constancy of performance over time make the DA201 the best component of your high-performance hifi chain will not be able to give up.

Analog Input:  XLR , CD , Tuner , AUX , PHONOMM

Digital INPUT : Asincron USB 2.0 , COAX , OPTICAL

Output 1pair XLR BLANCED output/1 pair RCA Single-ended output/1 pair RCA direct / Tape output

Phones out:  5 mW.  -16 /32 ohm

THD+N :Balanced Output: <0.003%, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, @ 4 Vrms

Input impedance/ Vrms

  • 47Kohm XLR/ 4 Vrms max
  • 22Kohm RCA/ 2.8 Vrms max

D/A section : 

USBpcm 768Khz/32bit , DSD 512–COAX192Khz/24bit OPTICAL96Khz/24bit

Voltage Output

  • XLR  :  max 10 Vrms
  • RCA :max   5 Vrms

Signal to noise ratio

  • >110db “A” weighted

Frequency response

  • 5 Hz to 120Khz +/-0.5db

Dimension420 * 330 * 95mm-Weight10 Kg