Magnepan LRS+

Etter suksessen med LRS så har Magnepan introdusert den forbedrede oppfølgeren LRS+

Magnepan LRS+ er en Quasi-Ribbon-høyttaleren som setter standarden for høyoppløst lydkvalitet. Denne slanke og elegante høyttaleren bruker et ultralett aluminiumsbånd for å flytte luft og produsere lydbølger, og gir rask og nøyaktig respons på elektriske signaler fra forsterkeren.

(Finnes i hvit og sort utgave)

the best buy in an affordable loudspeaker for modest-sized rooms. With its absolute-sound realism, stage height, image size, low-end reach, and dynamic range, the LRS+ is a standout in its class.


Jonathan Valin - The AbsoluteSound

Bottom line: The LRS+ is a big improvement over the original LRS. It adds enough color, power, detail, and extension in the midbass and smoothness and coherence in the upper mids and lower treble to make it far more of a true full-range contender than its predecessor.
– TheAbsoluteSound

What was missing from the picture without the subwoofers? Not as much as you might think. Acoustic guitars and pianos were on the warm side of realistic, just as I like it, and the super-affordable Maggies delivered both male and female voices with a fidelity unrivaled by current speakers I’ve tried that cost less than 10 Benjamins.
– Stereophile

As «Chonlima» from Kodo [Sheffield Lab CD-KODO] began, my eyes widened. Unbelievable power and slam assaulted my ears. No compression, no strain, just wooden mallets on skin-headed drums pounding in the room. The system was certainly playing at lease-breaking levels, so it was a good thing Joe had alerted his downstairs neighbors. My eyes were looking at these small towers that might be mistaken for some sort of acoustic treatment, yet my ears were hearing rock-concert-level drum whacks. What a surprise.
-The AudioBeat

Is Magnepan LRS+ the most significant product of this decade?

The Magnepan LRS+ — Does It Have ANY Competition?
– TheAbsoluteSound

Here’s the bottom line — the so-called “entry-level” in high-end audio is hot — and these “baby Maggies” are absolutely a worthy onramp to a lifetime of great sound.

2-Way/Quasi Ribbon
Frequency Response: 50-20kHz
Sensitivity: 86dB / 500Hz / 2.83v
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Dimensions: 122 high x 33 wide x 2,54 deep cm.