Rega Planar 1 platespiller, Carbon.
Budsjett referansen har blitt enda bedre! Nye Planar 1 er forbedret på alle områder, nyt plint, tonearm, platetallerken og lager. Bedre enn noensinne – og fortsatt håndlaget i England!
leveres med Rega Carbon pickup.
Finish high gloss eller hvit high gloss.
Despite a number of modifications to the Planar 1, Rega stays true to its sound: a spritely, entertaining turntable with no obvious flaws
– What HiFi

The Planar 1 is a sonically outstanding turntable for the money.
– Trusted Review

-The Audiophile Man


Omtaler av Rega Planar 1

The more I used the turntable, the more I realised that this is not just a budget turntable, it’s the ultimate budget turntable. It does everything that a budget turntable can do and should do in terms of its consideration towards the customer but also its respect for the ears of the same in its search for top quality sound for the asking price.
– The Audiophile Man

And with the new Rega Planar 1, change is unquestionably positive. It begins with the new RB110 tone arm, with precision bearings and automatic bias adjustment; combined with a tracking weight whose ideal position is already marked for you, it means you can set up faster than a cabinet minister’s resignation.
– WhatHiFi

The Planar 1 is a sonically outstanding turntable for the money. It sounds dynamic and detailed, with great timing and toe-tapping rhythm. It looks and feels fairly classy, too.
– Trustedreview

• RB110 tonearm med nytt lager for mindre friksjon
• Presisjonslager i messing
• Phenolic Resin platetallerken
• Høykvalitets 24 Volts motor
• Lett og stivt akryl-laminert kabinett
• Rega Carbon MM pickup med utskiftbar stift
• Manuelt hastighetsvalg mellom 33 og 45 omdr./min.
• Rega lydkvalitet til en meget attraktiv pris
• Håndlaget i England